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Baby Cam

BabyCam is designed to serve as a baby monitor, baby room watch, and a way for parents, family, and friends to see the baby from where ever they are at anytime they are available. Just because you are away at work doesn't mean you can't peek in on the baby. And just because grandma and grandpa live in another town doesn't mean they can't see grins and growth regularly.

The advantage of our Internet BabyCam over traditional baby monitors is that anyone you allow to log into the monitor system can view the baby on their computer anywhere they are any time of day or night. Parents who have a preemie or a child with health problems want to know that their baby is OK even when they are not at home. How comforting it is to click your computer mouse and see your little one playing or resting in the crib.

Some of the problems with typical baby monitors are accidental eavesdropping, static interference, short transmittal range, and limitations on the number of loving eyes keeping tab in him or her. This Babycam overcomes all those problems.

Hand held video baby monitor make it ease to look in on the baby when you are in your easy chair downstairs but we can do one better. This system lets you look in on the baby with the click of your TV remote control. Press the button and theirs your little darling on the TV screen. Also Internet capable cell phones allow you to take a peek and the nursery.

Furthermore for those wishing to catch all those special moment for posterity a DVR can be used to record every event and then you can save the good ones for playing on your CD player, upload to the Intent or emailing to the family and friends.


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