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From someone who is already doing it.
..... (video cameras) helps us care for my Grandma Doris who is 83, lives alone, and has mid-stage dementia, said Mrs.. Howell. I check on Grandma Doris from my office in Dallas, my brother sees her from Japan, and my parents, who live right around the corner from her, check on her many times a day from work. It helps Grandma to be able to live in her own home, and it gives us great peace of mind.

A message to those wanting to live alone.
Moving to a nursing home or living with relatives is not the preference of many seniors who treasure their independence but living alone holds dangers that need to be addressed and video monitoring can help.

The BIG DANGER is that something bad happens to you and no one knows that you need help. You lay on the floor or wedged between the chair and the wall for hours or maybe days before someone comes to your aid.

You could set up a system whereby you make a wellness phone call every hour to report that you are OK but what a nuisance that would be for you and a likely inconvenience for your loved one. You could have family members or friends call you two or three times a day. However their call will likely come just as you are dosing off for a nap. Also who wants to inconvenience their family and friends by asking them to call at specific times when they may have something they need to tend too right at that time. Furthermore, suppose there was contact two or three times a day, lying in pain for 4 or 5 hours in-between those calls is not what anyone wants. There must be a better way.

What is needed is a way for your family or friend to check up on you with out disturbing your routine or causing them undo effort. If you lived with someone they would just peek in the door as they were walking bye and see you resting and know all is well. You would never know they checked on you but you would have the benefit of their presence. Also if they peeked in and saw a problem they could get help.

This provision is available when you use our Internet video camera system. Your family or friend can easily and non-entrusive check on you. If all is well they can leave you in peace but if you need help they can contact 911, a neighbor or other agency. The whole system works over the Internet so in just a few seconds, with the click of a mouse, your loved ones can check on you and respond accordingly. You can have a system that will allow others to know how you are doing and act accordingly without you ever being interrupted or without them having to be inconvenienced. It's like having a guardian angle only this kind can dial 911.

A video camera is set up in the active portions of the home, the places you are likely to be in or passing through with some frequency; kitchen, living room, family room etc.. As you are watching TV, eating your meal or dozing off in your chair loving eyes can peek in and see that you are OK. Should you not be OK they can call your local 911 emergency service, a local friend or other services to get help to you.

You might be alone when it happens but help is soon to arrive when people are able to see that you need assistance.

The idea of having a camera watching you may feel embarrassing or have twinges of Orwells book "1984" when big brothers eyes watched all. I can tell you that people do get accustomed to cameras quickly. And truth is your privacy and space is being a little violated. However isn't that a fair trade to maintain your independence.

Live with this
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A message to those providing help
Loved ones cling to their independence in spite of their obvious limitations. Honoring loved one's desire to live independently while ensuring proper care is a challenging task. However we provide a system that enhances your ability to help the ones you love.

The last thing you want is your loved one lying on the floor or wedged between the wall and a chair, in pain and helpless to do anything about it. Something bad is increasingly likely to happen as people age and become more frail. Forcing parent to leave their home can be devastating to them. At the same time ignoring the reality of their limitations is not the answer. Calling them several times a day can be intrusive and resented as well as a burden on you. For you, trying to plan calls and still allows yourself to deal with the daily demands of an ever-changing schedule challenges even the best time managers. You need a way to let them live independent and yet insure their well being.

With our system you can peek in at anytime you want to by clicking a mouse on your computer at home or at the office. You no longer have to take an hour to drive bye or even 10 minutes at an inopportune time to call. In less than 60 seconds you can log in, take a peek, be assured of their well-being, log off and get back to other matters. At the TV commercial, the break between meetings, before you leave for the office or just before you sit down to a meal you can check on them.


In some states, clinicians are debating the value of installing video surveillance equipment in nursing homes to monitor the care that residents receive. The nursing home industry opposes the measure as an invasion of privacy.

Advocates say the cameras offer a more immediate and accurate way to prevent and expose elder abuse than other methods, including background checks of nursing home staff. To protect privacy and the rights of staff, cameras must be clearly displayed and the nursing home must be notified that a resident (or her representative) is installing it. Otherwise, the monitoring would be considered illegal covert surveillance. Cameras do not tell the whole story but they are an increasingly useful tool that should be available to those who which to use it.

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