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Home security as provided by traditional security companies are designed to deal with burglary and fire dangers. When something goes wrong the authorities are alerted.

Building Cams goes one step further and let you see what is happening at your home or business. The police can deal with the burglar but you have a building to maintain and people to manage. While you are away from the office you can know what your employees are doing. Turn on your computer and take a look. Want to know if the warehouse folks are getting those loads out? You can see what is happening anytime you want from any where you want. Want to see if the yard people came by your home today or if the housekeeper got the living room vacuumed? Turn on your computer and there's the answer.

Since the invention of the cell phone you call to check on things from where ever you are whenever you want. With BuildingCams you can see wherever you want from wherever you are anytime you want. No more waiting until you get back to see that no one is taking care of that project. Go on-line and check it out and make things happen.

Theft is a major detriment to all merchants and the buildingCam allows you to keep an eye in the sky at all times. Twenty four hours a day seven days a week your cash resister, shelves, and back room can be monitored. Just the presence of the cameras will deter theft and checking online to see what is happening could allow you to catch a thief in the act. You can even hire someone to monitor the comings and goings of your store or home and they can do their work from their home. What a cost savings product. A recorder can be connected that will record everything the camera sees and store a record for later review or documentation.

The importance of monitoring Stores and Businesses pays for itself. Modern systems can obviously play a key role in your battle with the bad guys. Installing a comprehensive monitoring system should result in less crime and make your store a safer place for you, your staff and your customers. It has been widely reported that, customer theft accounts for 43.3% of losses, closely followed by staff-assisted theft at 38%. Internal errors, such as incorect payments and procedural mistakes, are thought to account for a further 14.3%. Add in recent distraction burglaries and it's clear that the situation is unlikely to improve overnight. Monitoring systems should improve the figures to your benefit. While acting as a deterrent to would-be criminals, good quality footage can also be used to bring about convictions by providing clear images for the police to use as evidence.

The installation of cameras as anything more than a deterrent will prove useless unless they cover the correct parts of your store. Depending on the store and the merchandise, where retailers should situate cameras will differ. However, when looking at smaller retailers, who generally have less staff, it's important that the shop floor - especially inaccessible areas and toward the rear of the property - the cash drawer and the stock areas are covered. If there are vulnerable areas outside the store then external cameras should also be used. While shoplifting is undoubtedly the most common crime caught on camera by retailers, the threat of robbery and violence remains a worry for many. Also cameras can be a crucial aide in providing evidence in insurance fraud cases, such as fake slip and falls etc.. Ensuring the right procedures are in place to back up video or any other chosen technology is vital if you are to create as safe an environment as possible. A good example of when retailers can become vulnerable to serious attack is during regular cash collection visits by security guards. As a business owner that has experience theft form not only my employees but shop lifters, I cannot recommend enough the installation of security and surveillance cameras. What ever the cost it will be made up quickly for simply providing the visual deterrent not to mention solid evidence in the event of a robbery. I highly recommend for a great shop to get your surveillance need. I am glad I did. Sincerely Adam Hollywood, FL (edited)

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