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Covalts Patch

Covalts Truck Bank

Muncie Pencils

Set#1 - Rummikub Excellent Condition
Set#2 - Rummikub Good Condition

Made in Portugal- 8 1/2" Bottom 12" overall
Set #3 - Like New Condition

99 Pieces Fairfax Fostoria Asure Blue $550
Polished Rocks in Copper Oasis Holder
Sixteen ten inch (10") Blue Goblets

Minolta X-370 PLUS lenses, flashes
Vintage Box Camera Imperial six twenty | approximately 3x3x3

5'x9'Made in America Veteran's flag never flown an din mint condition.

Fathers Stamp Collection Started passed to me. Some uncancelled. US and World. All pre 1970
Complete set of letters, (100 total click)
Missing letters, (89 total click)
Rummikub Tile with Suits in Nice Case
Wood box with inset lid.
19 Mechanical Pencils
Lap Top Carrying Case
DSL Modem Works Great Guaranteed
Westell WireSpeed DSL Modem Model B90-210015-04 Rev C
Used 5 1/4 Floppy Disks 36 total of all makes. Some with data or programs and some formatted clean. $3 postage. $5 handling
NEW 10 2SHD 5.25 Disks

Pick a plane $20 each
Very Old Draw Knife. Handles solid - blade warn.
Unusual Very old Pliers

13 x 15 x 16 Metal Parts Box from the 50's
$92 Retail - My Price $50. This is NEW in Box
NEW Multiple Outlet
NEW Double phone jack

3 inch wide Mexican Tooled Leather coin purse purchased around the 60's. New condition.
Plate Display Shelf with Drawer

Mahogany What-Not-Shelf. Used and very serviceable
       Santa on a Harley

Lined Leather Camera Case

Cape Canaveral Toy Set Early 60's with box

NEW - Project never got done

NEW - Project never got done

New Harley Bike & Sidecar
$20 Grandmas Vintage Kitchen Utensils
SIX Trays of Alphabet and Play Wood Blocks

20 Rolls of Yard