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Wandering and Elopement

Local Programs
The Ocala Police Department and the Florida, Marion County Sheriff Office each have a program to assist the memory impaired and those at risk of wandering. The service and the jewelry are FREE.

In the City of Ocala it's called the "Assisted Memory Impaired Program" and is part of the Police Departments Victim Wittiness Department. Victim Advocate Crystal Blanton 369-7134 and Donna Guinn 369-7139 are partners in this work. Call either one of them, set an appointment at the police station on South Pine, allow them to take an identification picture, provide them with the requested information and in just a few minutes a profile will be created and entered in the database. You will be provided a free identification bracelet.

In the county, it's called the “Extra Special Person (ESP) Memory Impaired Program” and is managed by the Sheriffs Crisis Intervention Specialist Unit. Access this program by calling (352) 732-8181 or 352-732-9111. Upon your request one of the specialist like William Pinder 369-6745 will arrive at the persons residence. Allow them to take an identification picture, provide then the requested information and in just a few minutes a profile will be created. You will be provided a free identification bracelet.

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Each law enforcement agency's program relies on its own collection of identification information however each database is accessible by all law enforcement personnel. In the event your person does wander, using the identification number and phone number on the bracelet will allow any civilian or member of law enforcement to assist in helping the person return to where they need to be. Caregivers who discover their person is missing can call the Sheriff 732-9111 or the Police 369-7000, report the absence of the person and a silver alert will be issued using the collected information.

The information requested is:
Name; legal and familial, address, race, height, weight, eye and hair color, typical clothing style, doctors name and phone number, medications, brief history of any wandering or mental health problems, primary and secondary emergency contact person, hobbies and activities that might aid the officers in attracting the wanderer to go with them, typical place the person would be inclined to go to if confused and lost and may you will want to also give them any information that you believe will be helpful in managing your person.


Alz Org Safe Return

The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) defines wandering as “ meandering, aimless, or repetitive locomotion that exposes the individual to harm; frequently incongruent with boundaries, limits, or obstacles.” 4 A common behavioral problem, wandering involves cognitive impairment that includes difficulty with abstract thinking, language, judgment, and spatial skills. 5 Wandering is also associated with disorientation and difficulty relating to the environment, and low social interaction, excessive pacing or increased motor activity. The person who wanders may also unknowingly trespass in another person’s nursing home room and an altercation may result. There are two types of wandering: goal-directed and non-goal directed. In goal-directed wandering, the person appears to be searching for someone or something. The person may also be looking for something to do and may make gestures as if performing a task. In contrast, in non-goal directed wandering, the person may wander aimlessly, and has a very short attention span.

6 A person who wanders is at risk for elopement, the act of leaving a safe area unsupervised and unnoticed and entering into harm’s way.7 Those who elope can be differentiated form those that only wander by their purposeful, overt, and usually repeated attempt to leave the building or premises. The person may go outside and experience hypothermia or other harmful conditions, including a traffic accident. Stairs are particular hazards, particularly for the eloping person who has poor balance, decreased strength, or poor vision.8

Three devices of many. No recommendations. Hopefully these will spur you into investigating helpful devices.


EmFinders EmSeeQ™ Now Available to Locate Wandering Individuals in Emergency Situations Nationwide

EmFinders provides a secure band that is worn 24/7. If a person becomes lost, the registered caregiver calls local law enforcement to file a missing person’s report and then calls EmFinders to request remote device activation. Once activated, The band dials 911, provides a message on behalf of the person, and is responded to in the same manner as any other 911 call involving a person in need of emergency assistance.

No customized software or additional equipment required
Works reliably indoors, in urban canyons and has no range limitations.
The EmSeeQ is the only device of its kind that is integrated with the secure and reliable national 911 Emergency System.
The band cannot be removed by the person, is water resistant and works in places where a GPS does not.
Price: $199.00 per unit. Service Plan: $25 per month



Nu.m8 created by Lok8u Combines GPS Technology and Cell ID technology to locate a missing person to within 10 feet.

A person wears a device that doubles as a wrist watch that comes in an assortment of different colors.

Caregivers can track their person online or by sending a text message.
Caregivers receives an instant alert if device is removed
The ‘Safe Zone’ feature allows you to easily set your own defined area by time and day. An immediate alert is sent via Text and email to inform you if your person strays outside this area.
Price: $199.00 per unit. Service Plan: $10-$18 per month

Many people who are also looking for innovative ways to let their loved ones stay in their own homes as long as possible, such as using GPS shoes to track the location of Alzheimer's and dementia patients who tend to wander off. The technology provides real time information about their location.
GPS shoes are available now at: GPS SmartSole

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