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Medicaid Help Page.

Many Medicaid declines are the result of faulty infomation provided in the applicaiton. These documnets are meant to help people become familiar with and know what and how to prepare for submitting a medicaid application. Official documents can be obtained from governement long term care webpage.

Medicaid Experts
Rhonda D. Steller,  Office Mgr.Lake Law CenterMedicaid Planning and Resource Center, Law Firm, PLLC.624 S. 14th Street, Leesburg, FL  34748
Phone (352)323-6133 Facsimile (352)323-6134
Rhonda Steller  352-418-1011 

Senior Medicaid Solutions
3342 17th St, Sarasota, FL 34235 Phone: (941) 201-5871 Besure to speak to Arika


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