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Medical Security Devices
Some Basics October 12, 2016

This link will connect you to "Consumer Affairs dot com's page regarding medical alert system. They list several companies. ... Evaluate them in light of your needs and resources.

In addition I Spoke to ADT and gained the following general information.

  • A unit that works in and around your home that allows you to press a button if you need help cost $35.99 + $9.99 shipping one time fee. No contract
  • A unit that works around your house that would detect a fall even if you didn't press a button would cost $40.99 + $9.99 shipping one time fee. No contract
  • They also have units that work where ever you are and not limited to your house.
  • For the go anywhere type but you need to press a button for it to work the price is 39.99 and the one with the fall alert where you would not have to press a button it is 44.99.
  • Now these are the numbers they gave me and as you know you need to be sure about everything in every circumstance so check it out for yourself.

    There are ways to reduce the cost:

  • 1. AARP members get a $2 a month discount
  • 2. if you pay by the quarter rather than the month you get another $2 off
  • 3. If you pay annually you get $4 a month off.
  • so if you are a AARP member and pay annually you get both discounts.

Monroe Regional Hospital
I spoke to Mr. Mike Baker at Monroe Regional Hospital in the volunteer department.

Monroe no longer has their own alert system but has partnered with "CareLink". Their call center is based in Illinois. Clear English speech is expected. They provide two types of system at a cost of $29.99 or $39.99 a month. There is no set up fee, no contract and they come to your home, take care of everything and test it while they are there. If you accidentally press it from time to time that is OK. They have it happen all the time. You can have a pendent or a wrist band.

  • $29.99 plan requires you have a non-cell phone system and works only within 1000 feet of your home phone / the devise hook up.
  • $39.99 allows you to use a cell phone system and will work weather you are close to home or not and alerts them if you fall as well as if you press the button.
  • Reportedly they have 100's of these around Marion county with very good success.
  • If you press the button or fall a voice comes on and asks if you need help. If no answer is given they send an emergency vehicle.
If you want to know more you can contact:
Mike Baker
Monroe Regional Hospital Volunteer department
352) 351-7200

This concludes my investigation and should give you enough information to pursue various possibilities to find something that will work for you.

I have not checked their reputation and I am sure there are lots of questions but at least this will help you get started on your search.

first alert medipendant pers mobile help $34.99

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