Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association - unofficial publication

Board2018 (15K)

The Board size is 5 and currently there are 5 Directors.
Vice President Louis Bartolomeo861-3143
Secretary Bob Watson352-291-1512
Treasurer Robert Gordon... ...
Director Tony Ivone352-237-6259 .
Director Tony Lepordo237-9514.
Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association of Ocala, Inc.
Post Office Box 771071, Ocala Fl. 34477-1071

"All committee termsí will end with the election of the new Directors at the Annual Meeting. New committee members are named for the next year at the Organizational meeting."Article 5 Section 1.

Appointments by the Board:
Secretary Assistant - Shari Zobroski
Grievance Committee - NO APPOINTMENTS
Covenants Review - NO APPOINTMENTS
Gazette Editor - Shari Zobroski
Treasurer Committee - NO APPOINTMENTS