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+ Master Installers Of / Power / Data / Telephony / Audio / Video
+ Engineer, Furnish, and Installation of Communication and Power Equipment

Cabling Services:
Voice and Data cabling with CAT5 and CAT6 cable
Coax cabling with RG6 and RG6 Quad Shield
(We use coax for Cable TV, Audio and video cabling and CCTV Cabling)

Fiber optic cabling:
Demark extension for T-1s and high circuits, CCTV and data cabling for locations longer then 300ft from routers. We try to use per terminated optic whenever possible, this ensure a clean and actuate connections.

Demark extension for data circuits and dial tone

We can cable your building during construction or we can retrofit your cabling if you are already in a finished office space, store or warehouse

We service both businesses and home clients.

We can connect multi buildings on the same campus together using conduits and fiber so you can share internet connections and servers.

We can help with layout and design of your cabling plan.

Telecommunications services:
We can sell and maintain the following telecommunications services: Croft Communications is authorized sales agent for ACC Business and Voice Step VOIP telephone services, Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP products save businesses up to 70% on monthly costs while delivering next generation, easy to use features that are rapidly changing and simplifying the way we communicate.

T-1 circuits for data- deliveries 1.5MBS upload and downloads to the internet

T-1 to OC3 circuits for data and voice

Audio and Video systems:
Croft Communications can help you design and install a complete audio video system for your business, home and church. Here is a short list of what we most commonly design and install:
Ceiling mounted projectors
Wall and ceiling mounted projection screens
Wall mounted TVs and Monitors
Surround sound systems
Home theaters, Complete design and build
PA paging systems, Public address system indoor and outdoor

CCTV security cameras: DCJS # : 11-14983
Croft Communications can design and install a complete security camera system. We use DVRs and cameras of all kinds to complete your systems. You can remotely view your place of business or home through the internet.
Cleck to see camera service

Craftsman Quality - Professionally Managed
Quality in function and form is our first priority.
By creating a diverse and talented team with the highest skill level, Croft Communications provides high quality, very prompt and competitively priced engineering and installation services to clients.

Working with our clients, we establish long term plans for growth while meeting the every day challenges created by continuously evolving network architectures. Croft Communications understands the value of versatility, as well as the need for adherence to client standard practices.
Project management
COE Layout and Design
LAN - Voice and Data Service
Tie cables DS1 AND DS3
T-1 access equip installation
Mounting of bays and cabinets
CO-Location Builds (Iron work)
Fiber Optic Cable
Pulling, Splicing
Fiber Testing
Right-A-Way Eng.. (surveying)
Remove / Cable mining
Tellabs 5500
NEC Sonet 600 and 1200
AT&T DDM 2000
DMACS System Alarms
Lucent FT-2000
Nortel OC-48, 3, 12
Cisco System
AT&T Local Service
Carr America Inc.

CCTV cameras
Data Ports
Fiber Optics Home Security
Home Theater
Multi Phone Systems
Public address system
Security Cameras
Security Systems
Sound Systems
T-1 circuits
Telephone Lines Installed

(VoIP) Voice Over Internet

Wireless Routers


John Croft
16 years experience
A hands-on perfectionist.

Croft Communications
From power connections in a -48v power board to wire wrapping on the back of a DSX1 pnl, Croft Communications is providing high quality work while meeting and beating completion deadlines.

With sixteen years experience of meeting and exceeding the requirements of major corporation, Croft Communications is prepared to meet your companies new challenges.

In the North, South, East or West, with jobs large or small, there is one company to call.

Croft Communications
John Croft, President/COO
540-829-8552 office

Customer Comments

Request that John also be directed to furnish 20 shorting plugs, to terminate the unused cables in the DS3 extension bundle. Good practice is to not leave open/unterminated/unused cables entering a SCIF.

Request you bill Terremark for these - I failed to identify them during the site visit. Remind Bylight and Terremark, that NGIC provided and pulled the 12-cable coax bundle at NGIC expense, that John used to extend the DS3 circuit.

John did good work - I would be glad to have him return for additional tasks.

Mike Doering

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Golds Gym

Donna Ryan
of Jefferson Homebuilders Inc.

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St. Lukes Lutheran School

Concert Technologies

Your Electrician Inc.

Culpeper Va

Sheriff Supporter

Rotarian Club of Culpeper

Culpeper Thursday Networking Group

Hospice of the Rapidan

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Culpeper in pictures
Laura Kebede, Star-Exponent correspondent, laurakebede@hotmail.com Published: June 25, 2009

When the town of Culpeper was founded in 1759, photographs were the stuff of science fiction.

Now, they’re an integral part of our local history.

In preparation for the town’s 250th anniversary, two businesses are collecting photographs and helping the Museum of Culpeper History preserve them.

The community is asked to contribute old and recent photos of events or places in Culpeper; they will be scanned and displayed at the 250th anniversary celebrations Sept. 19-20.

Information should include the names of people and buildings, if available, as well as the photo’s approximate date. Civic groups, organizations, and private community members are encouraged to donate, and all photos can be returned upon request.

The idea originated when John Croft of Croft Communications was brainstorming with the Culpeper Ruritan Club.

“I wanted the community to feel involved and new residents to understand Culpeper’s history and why there is a community feel where people help each other.” Croft said.

Together with Kelly Rozwadowski of K Art and Design, Croft sought a community organization to spearhead the idea, and the Museum of Culpeper History rose to the occasion.

“It’s a win-win because we can use their photos and they end up getting part of their archives digitized.” she said. “And we needed an organization that would serve as an umbrella for the project.”

The final product will be a large display, with photos by the decade, presented during the anniversary weekend. Afterward, the displays will be given to the museum to become part of its archives.

“Culpeper is changing so fast, and it’s exciting, especially for new people coming in, to see how it used to be,” said Rozwadowski, who moved to Culpeper in 2005. “It’s a cool way to record the history of Culpeper up to this point. But it’s a legacy project and can be added onto.”

Croft and Rozwadowski hope to make the display a community project that Culpeper can cherish for generations to come.

“People get excited to see people they recognize, and it’s fun to see what culminated,” Rozwadowski said. “A lot of the (250th anniversary) events are just to attend. This is something where the community can contribute.”

Your photos are needed Drop off photographs of Culpeper (streets, events, buildings, etc.) at the Museum of Culpeper History, 803 S. Main St. or the Department of Tourism, 111 S. Commerce St. Digital photos can be e-mailed to kelly@k-artand design.com. Include as much information as possible, such as names, location and approximate date. Photos can be returned upon request. The deadline is Sept. 4.

- For more: Visit culpeper250th.org for a list of events during the anniversary weekend Sept. 19-20.

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