Router Replacement Protocol
We are replacing existing routers with new routers at satellite offices of a national company.  All systems are currently up and running. To insure as smooth a transition as possible the current router and computer system will be left on line while the new router is tested. Once the new router is tested it will be installed and the cables that are currently connected to the old router will be connected to the new router. 
Overview of work - Do a temporary hook up of a new router to the appropriate smart box port  to allow corporate techs to verify that router is functioning properly.  Upon function verification by corporate replace the old router with the new router.
Preliminary Action
The satellite office must be contacted by proper authorities before they will allow workman on the premises. 
Please provide  3 dates to preformed the work. Arrangements for one of those dates will be made and confirmed with you.
The routers are configured and delivered to the satellite office by the corporate office prior to your arrival. 
1. Call job site and verify that new router is on jobsite and verify site location number.
2. Contact Brad More at corporate to insure that he will be available to test router at the time you expect to have router ready to test.
3. Take with you miscellaneous items like wire ties, nuts and bolts for rack brackets and tools necessasary to perform work.  Recommend a step ladder three foot to 6 foot in height.
Router Install
Upon Arrival At Job Site
Obtain new router from contact person or other staff and advise the contact person that they should advise all personnel that the computer system will be going off line in five minutes.  They should save all work and be prepared for the shut down.
Open router packaging and examine for any physical damage.  If any damage is discovered make notes of it and show it to the contact person.  Contact Brad More and get authorization to proceed with the damaged equipment.  If Brad More declines to proceed with damaged equipment inquire as to approximate date when new equipment will be sent to the site for installation.
If equipment is satisfactory do phase one.
Phase one - Temporary hook up.
Find the port ID number on the work order / email to follow.
Locate the smart box Ethernet R45 port that is assigned to the corresponding router ID designated  number on the work order
Connect the new router T-1 line to the assigned port connection  on the smart box
Plug in the router and power up new router. 
Call Brad More at the corporate office and advise him  that branch XX has the new router temporarily hooked up. Stand by for his instructions.  He will attempt to access the router.  If successful you will move on to Phase two and if problems arise work with Brad More to resolve the problems.
Upon satisfactory completion of test advise the satellite location that you will be disconnecting the system from the internet.
Phase two - Permanente hook up
Position router on shelf or other supporting equipment in rack
Remove T1- cable form old router T-1 port and insert it into the new Router T-1 port
Remove 0/0 cable from old router and insert it into the corresponding port on new router
Connect power cable to router, plug into A/C and power up the new router.
Call Brad More and advise home that the new router is powered up.
He will interface with the staff person to insure that all is working properly.
Upon assurance that new router is functioning properly due phase three.
Phase three - Clean up and exit
Unplug the old router and remove from rack.
Secure all cables and equipment form the install
Take old router and power cord with you.
Take digital pictures of changes made.
Clean up and exit job site
Completion Tasks
Box up old router and ship to:
Brad More
260 Jimmy Ann Drive
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
[ No insurance cost to be authorized on package. ]
Calculate mileage and mileage compensation
Send invoice for router install and mileage compensation.
Send invoice to
Mark Croft, 5425 SW 85th Street, Ocala, Florida 34476  (352) 861-8788
Email digital pictures to

Sequence of support > John Croft > Marge Legg  > Brad Moore
John Croft  cell= (813)-731-1630  Office = 540-829-8552
Legg Communications - Marge Legg  (734) 322-3003
Brad Moore (386) 763-3226  Cell= (386) 547-3031
Brad Moore
260 Jimmy Ann Drive
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114