Marx Atomic Cape Canaveral Missile Base
With good condition original box

This is one of the most popular of the Marx Playsets. This baby came with a tin litho building, space record, fencing, four-stage rocket, bomarc rocket, somarc missile and launcher, scientists gantry and launch pad, flying saucer, searchlight, radar antenna, space capsule, flying saucer and launcher, helicopter, fuel truck, missile trailer, dome, fuel tanks, scientists, NASA ticket, missile men and more! Post a Want to Buy ad for the Cap Canaveral Missile Base in the Marx Playset Classifieds!

The original 1961 Authentic Marx Play set includes lithographed steel headquarters, building and fences. Features Marx original rocket launching equipment that includes a 3-stage rocket launcher with gantry that works, firing rockets & Nike Missiles. Also includes the Bomarc and other famous rockets of that pioneering space era. Comes with space technician, telescopes, searchlight, antenna, ray gun and other Air Force missile accessories. Contains a Certificate of Authenticity and a 32-page booklet with the history of Cape Canaveral, rocketry and early space exploration. This set is approved by the Air Force Missile & Space Museum at Cape Canaveral included.