Home Inspection and Services for Ocala and Marion County



Mark Croft
Ocala, Florida
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Pre Purchase Inspection

A systematic review of the residence components prior to settlement. The inspection is designed to assist the buyer in identifying current and potential deficiencies with the house. This inspection includes a written report of major deficiencies found and suggestions for making corrections.

Pre Listing Inspection

A systematic review of the residence components prior to attempting to sell the residence. This inspection is designed to assist the seller in identifying potential objections from a buyer or home inspector. In addition to identifying potential objections, suggested corrective actions are offered.

Home Survey

A systematic review and written documentation of the residence components as well as a floor plan drawing. This written documentation is not limited to deficiencies of the residence like the Pre Sale Inspection.

Real Estate Display on WebPage(s)

Create a web page(s) displaying images and text details of the house. This service expands the sellers potential exposure to a broader buyer pool and makes information available 24/7.
Click here for an example.

Digital Images

Pictures taken with a digital camera and recorded on a floppy disk that can be used for print or digital reproduction and display.

Floor Plan Creation

A reproducible drawing with designations of the home layout and significant physical features.

Home Sale Brochure / Handout

Promotional images and text detailing the features of a residence. The brochure / handout is designed to appeal to potential buyers of the seller's home.

Repair and Remodeling Advice

A service intended to assist the "do it yourself" home owner in making decisions about what sequence to follow and what specifics to consider when making repairs and improvements to their home.