Partial List of Items Inspected

Exterior Inspection

  • Test all Exterior Lights
  • All storage & access doors
  • Set up and stow steps
  • Hitching
  • Roof
  • All lug nuts
  • Electric brake cable and reset
  • Stabilizer jacks
  • Door close and secure
  • Screen door close and secure fastening
  • Holding tank valves / inspect tanks
  • Fresh water tank
  • Water pump located
  • Winterization valves located
Interior Inspection
  • Microwave
  • Smoke detector
  • LP leak detector / reset
  • Water heater - look for leaks
  • Heater
  • Air Conditioner / fan
  • Water faucets - Hot & Cold - look for leaks
  • Toilet - look for leaks
  • Burners on stove
  • Oven
  • Cupboards and doors
  • Check & test all convertible furniture - Dinettes, sofa beds etc.
  • Windows - inspect window seals
  • Range top hood - Fan & Light
  • Ceiling vent fans
  • Look for signs of water leaks, particularly areas on the ceiling & windows
  • Electrical outlets
  • Light fixtures
  • Cable and TV antenna jacks
  • Refrigerator and freezer - test on all systems - Gas & Electric
  • Extend slide room in and out, inspect slide seals both inside and outside.
  • Operating slide with no power
  • Slide locks
  • TV antenna and satellite dish
One electrical short can cause this.

We work 100% for you.

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Dealers make money if you buy. They have an incentive to down-play, overlook or outright lie about the RV. Some dealers give warrenties but would you rather sit in a service waiting room or be on the road? Before you buy, have it inspected.

Private sellers get your money and then you're left high and dry if something goes wrong.

Don't take the chance, have your RV Inspected.