RV inspections and motorcycle inspections are steps towards safety, avoiding mechanical and operational problems, saving money, and having a clear understanding of the vehicles true condition.

Typically the cost for an inspection is a minute percentage of a vehicles value and is money well spent to avoid your potential dreams machine turning out to be a nightmare.

If a vehicle is bought from a dealer the dealer will fix it if something goes wrong; won't they? So why should an independent inspection be preformed?

A seller, be it a dealer or individual, has as their prime objective the selling of the vehicle. Even honest sellers don't look as close as they could because they are focused on getting rid of the vehicle. The buyer is the most motivated to find problems because the buyer is going to be dealing with any problems that occur even if there is some minimal warranty.

Most warranties are very limited and the real question is "Do you want a warranty paper in your hands or an optimally operating enjoyable vehicle?".

If it's a late model, doesn't show any signs of being damaged, and comes with a warranty do I still need an inspection?

Age of a vehicle isn't a sure indicator of it's condition and even a well trained auto mechanic can easily overlook some important intricacies of a RV or Motorcycle. Service mechanics often overlook and fail to perform the specific task they have been asked to work on. An inspector specializing in the type of vehicle you are buying is your best bet for determining the true condition of the vehicle.

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